• Humans + Machines = Investment

    Humans + Machines = Future of Investment. Launching a new systematic trading fund presents exciting opportunities but also substantial risks. The process begins with developing a strategy to profit from market inefficiencies. Extensive backtesting on historical data… Read More

  • Disruption vs. Innovation

    Innovation and disruption are often used interchangeably, but there are important distinctions between the two concepts. Not all innovation is disruptive, though disruption does require innovation. Examining the nuances is key for leaders making strategic decisions. Innovation… Read More

  • Innovation and Impact

    I have consulted for an innovative energy client in the last few years. I learned more about renewable energy innovations like solar, wind, and geothermal power, which have tremendous implications for climate change and environmental sustainability. By… Read More

  • Internal R&D Won’t Suffice Anymore

    After two more years of new and innovative remote and hybrid work models in the mainstream across more tech+ work, many companies are planning a return to the office as more post-pandemic restrictions wind down. But simply… Read More

  • Fintech Innovation in RW

    The fintech sector has been transformed by innovation, which has only accelerated in the remote work paradigm. Fintech refers to applying technology to improve financial services like banking, insurance, payments, and investing. Several fintech innovations have been… Read More

  • Social vs Institutional Innovation

    The technology industry has seen both social and institutional innovations, especially around remote work. Social innovations refer to developing solutions for social issues like access, inequality, sustainability etc. Institutional innovations involve changing organizational structures, processes, and roles.… Read More